If you are cruising the online market for the best survival machete, you should know the basics before spending your hard earned dollars. First of all, a machete is an essential item for those of you spending a lot of time in the bush.

The most important thing for you is learning how to choose the best survival machete, because basically, a machete is a tool like any other, so you must focus on getting the right tool for the job.

The machete has some obvious advantages when compared to your regular survival knife, thanks to its ample dimensions. Also a machete serves a different purpose, and that’s very clear from its design.

The best use for a survival machete is for building shelters, it’s also great for chopping wood or prepping game, and thanks to its large dimensions it will reduce your fatigue and increase your work efficiency.

Obviously, a machete can be used with great success for self defense too, against animals or biped aggressors, so owning such an item, when out in the wild, will provide the confidence needed to help you have a good night sleep.

When choosing the best survival machete, you must take into account the following things:

  1. How will you use the machete? In the bush, woods, as an urban survival tool?

  2. Will you also carry a knife, an axe or a hatchet?

These questions will determine the type of machete you will need, because there are a lot of models on the market and you must choose the right one for you.

How to Choose the Best Survival Machete

What to look out for when choosing the best survival machete :

  1. You must choose a full tang machete (the blade should extend all the way through the handle).

  2. Go for solid metal, that means you should choose a solid, heavy and reliable machete, stay away from flimsy blades, they are of low quality.

  3. Look for a machete which can be physically tied to you so you can’t lose it in a survival situation. You have to make sure your machete has a hole at the base of the handle, so it can be tied onto your belt.

  4. The Machete Sheath is of crucial importance, the best ones are made of hard plastic mold.

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