Zombie Store Is Now BITCOIN Central For Las Vegas

We are now offering a safe, secure and climate controlled environment for altcoin mining equipment. Our facility has been setup to allow the average person interested in altcoins, and the process of mining them to purchase, set up and run machines for the purpose of accumulating altcoins. We supply the power, climate control and data connections. You supply the machines and the desire to participate in the future of money, as many believe cryptocurrencies to be. This is NOT cloud mining – you actually buy and own your own machines that are connected to a mining pool of your choice.

Call For Details: 702-641-8801



Rates / Buy or Sell

$100.00 – $500.00———-10%

$501.00 – $9000.00———6.1%

Rates Based On Current Price Per Coinbase



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 Las Vegas!

 3420 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas.